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Quick Beer

Quick Beer: “Come in for a quick beer?” “Come by for a beer, quick.” “Stay for one more.” Statements I love hearing and commands I might actually comply with (I don’t like being told what to do). But, I have a theory about what a ‘quick beer’ is. A ‘quick beer’ is not a Belgian Quad or an Arrogant Bastard or a Brown’s Taconic Double IPA poured from a cask into an imperial glass, a ‘quick beer’ usually means just that: a beer you can drink quickly, something with a low ABV that is easy to drink. In my experience a ‘quick beer’ also implies a social contract where one must drink whatever is offered by the host, this is murky territory, as one could be forced to drink the feared ‘guest beer’ a brew so horrible that it’s only given with the intention (or hope) that the guest is not going to be sticking around for another, unless they’re a real asshole, and in that case they probably invited themselves over….Shandys are suitable guest beers, as are anything like Aspen Edge, Green Light, Michelob Ultra, or a dusty warm can of Ice HouseContinue reading »

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