Halloween in Disney World

Click here to buy photos from this post I have so many wonderful memories of family vacations in Disney World: the rides, the water parks, the funny moments that became inside jokes. To me that’s the best thing about Disney World, the shared experience. (more…)
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Off Season Cape Cod

Click here to buy photos from this post It was an early evening in late October and I was up to my knees in the cold, choppy ocean. Pearson and I were trying in vain to skip stones across the waves. Eventually we gave up and began throwing larger rocks into...
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Hiking in the Adirondacks

Click here to buy photos from this post I have always loved the outdoors. Growing up I enjoyed climbing trees, riding my bike, swimming, and exploring nature. But of all of my outdoor memories, I have very few recollections of hiking as a kid and the only one that stands...
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The Finger Lakes

Click here to buy photos from this post Pearson and I were driving through the Fingers Lakes, from Skaneateles to Seneca Lake, on a beautiful summer day in 2011. The sky was blue with puffy white clouds; we passed cornfields and cows grazing on lush green farms. As we rolled through...
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West bound but down first

We left upstate New York a few days before New Years Eve 2014, drove to Baltimore where the temperatures dipped well below zero with a wind-chill akin to Yellowknife or Siberia, or just Syracuse, let’s not be dramatic. Deciding enough was enough we split for the South. Within ten hours...
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Wandering through Montreal

Click here to buy photos from this post I was lost on the back streets of Montreal in the rain. It sounds like song lyrics, but it also happens to be true. I enjoy getting lost in a new city. It’s a great way to see and experience things I...
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Spring Blossoms

Click here to purchase photos from this post The delicate scent of lilacs are wafting through my open window. The long, warm, sunny days and cool nights of spring have finally reached Upstate New York. After a long winter, the earth is being reborn, and colorful fragrant blooms abound. (more…)
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Weekend Escape on the Chesapeake

Click here to buy prints from this post Crouching on the shore with my camera—probably trespassing—as the dawn breaks across the water, I’m searching for the moment of serenity in a weekend of excitement and travel. The birds call and swoop into the water, the morning light reflects pink and...
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Join us as we go INTO OUR ELEMENT!


Into Our ElementIn June 2013 we gave up our apartment in New York, packed our belongings into storage, filled our Element with cameras, guitars, a cooler, some clothes, and a futon mattress and ventured out.

Pearson, a musician and craft beer nerd, is blogging about the many breweries we visit along (or out of) our way. Julie, a documentary filmmaker, is photographing the many amazing sites we see and writing about our adventures.