Weekend Escape on the Chesapeake

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Dawn Breaks Over the Chesapeake

Crouching on the shore with my camera—probably trespassing—as the dawn breaks across the water, I’m searching for the moment of serenity in a weekend of excitement and travel. The birds call and swoop into the water, the morning light reflects pink and purple and orange from the sky to the water. And finally, 50 photos in, the sun rises gloriously from behind a house. A new day has begun.

Dawn on the ChesapeakeSunrise Over The Chesapeake 01The Moon at DawnSunrise Over The Chesapeake 02Sunrise Over The Chesapeake 03

I’m on Tilghman Island, a peaceful slice of land in the Chesapeake Bay. Not far from St. Michaels, Maryland: a charming village with a winery, brewery and distillery where I spent the day yesterday. It’s the birthday celebration for my sister and my immediate family has made the less than two-hour drive from Baltimore and slightly longer drive from Hagerstown.

Early Morning on Tilghman IslandTilghman Beach ReedsEarly Spring in TilghmanSt. John's Chapel on Tilghman IslandChesapeake InletTilghman Island Is a Great Place to BikeChesapeake PierBlack Walnut Point Inn GardenHammock with a View at the Black Walnut Point InnSt Michaels, Maryland

My journey for this weekend took a car to a train, to another train to a car and yet was not nearly as arduous as it sounds. As long as there are no big delays, I find train travel easy and fun—almost relaxing. I can read, work, or surf the internet all while watching the landscapes and cityscapes zoom past my window.

TrainTravel IMG_6943

Tilghman Island proved to be a wonderful, peaceful weekend escape. It’s rustic and quiet and just 15 minutes from St. Michaels, which caters to weekenders with an array of small shops, nice restaurants, and plenty of booze.

Early Sunset on the ChesapeakeSunset in St Michaels, Maryland
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