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Wonder Valley

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On our way from Arizona to the Mojave desert in California, the Element’s tire blew out and we spent a couple of hours dealing with that (a long story for another time) so we arrived in Twentynine Palms well after dark. We turned onto a sand road and passed what looked like an abandoned home and then a collapsed garage, a couple more turns without a light in sight, all we could see was sand and occasional creosote bush illuminated by our headlights. We reached our rental house, exhausted and hungry, our only focus was unloading our stuff and eating a late dinner.

Stars in the Mojave at Night

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What is Home

Now that I’ve been “homeless” and travelling for a year, I’ve come to some realizations about what home is and what home means, to me anyway. I lived in Pelham, NY (a 25 minute train ride to NYC and in Westchester county) for 11 years and I walked to the train station in town and commuted to Manhattan for 9 of those years. I grew up in Williamsville, a suburb of Buffalo, NY, and spent a lot of time with my Grandparents in Lewiston, a suburb of Niagara Falls, NY. But I moved away from Buffalo just before I turned 18 and my parents moved away when I was 23. When I started college I met Pearson and started visiting and spending time where he grew up in Skaneateles, NY. Now I visit my Dad in Hagerstown, MD and my mother, sister, and brother in Baltimore, MD.

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