In The Wave (part 2)

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Inside The Wave

Inside The Wave

The Wave is only two acres, but it is truly awe-inspiring. It’s amazing to stand inside it and ponder the intense and violent forces and the thousands of years that it took to create something so beautiful and fragile.

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The Wave’s undulating ribbons of orange, pink, red, and tan were caused by changes in the prevailing winds during the Jurassic era as large sand dunes were pushed across the desert and additional deformities were caused by dinosaurs. Over time the layers of sand hardened into sandstone and water eroded the surface. There is very little water in the area now, but wind continues to erode The Wave.

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I spent hours walking around and through The Wave, sitting in it, talking in it, listening to the birds and the whooshing wind and even then I couldn’t wrap my mind around the uniqueness or how a place so small and remote ever came to be discovered.

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To be inside The Wave is like standing inside a work of art, art that is far more complex and beautiful than humans can ever make. To think of my own lifespan and efforts, I am completely insignificant and yet I have the power to witness all that nature offers and to appreciate the world’s grandeur.

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Looking out of The Wave

Looking out of The Wave

After thoroughly exploring The Wave, another couple arrived and we headed up above The Wave in search of ‘The Second Wave ’ and other cool views.

Pearson in The Wave

Pearson in The Wave

To be continued…

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