“They say the smog is the reason we have such beautiful sunsets”

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In the few days we spent in Los Angeles for The Long Bike Back screening at the All Sports Film Festival, we squeezed in some fun sightseeing.

Hollywood sign

We hiked the steep Hollyridge Trail.

LA from ridge

View of Los Angeles from the Hollyridge Trail.

Sunset on Venice Beach

We walked along the Venice Beach boardwalk

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean

And watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Sunset on Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach

We played on Muscle Beach

Santa Monica Pier

Walked the beach to the Santa Monica Pier and rode the Sea Dragon.


Sadly, Los Angeles does have a smog problem

Another amazing California Sunset

But it makes for stunning sunsets!

California sky as we head towards Arizona

Sunset through the smog


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