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The Finger Lakes

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Vineyard on Seneca Lake

Vineyard on Seneca Lake

Pearson and I were driving through the Fingers Lakes, from Skaneateles to Seneca Lake, on a beautiful summer day in 2011. The sky was blue with puffy white clouds; we passed cornfields and cows grazing on lush green farms. As we rolled through Ovid, NY, Pearson slowed. A man was in his yard wearing a tan safari outfit complete with a pith hat, holding a rifle, and creeping closer and closer to the only tree in a field. The scene reminded me absurdly of Fearing and Loathing in Las Vegas—and come to think of it, maybe he was stalking a bat. We desperately wanted to stop and find out what he was doing, however there wasn’t another house or person around and he had a gun, so we drove on. Continue reading »

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Spring Blossoms

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The delicate scent of lilacs are wafting through my open window. The long, warm, sunny days and cool nights of spring have finally reached Upstate New York. After a long winter, the earth is being reborn, and colorful fragrant blooms abound.

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