Sunset Suspended

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When the sun fully sinks into the horizon, as it glows brightly and then fades into glorious hues of orange, purple, red, and dissipates into the darkening blue sky, for those moments nothing else matters. All my problems—arguments, finances, work, failures, stress—are forgotten for those perfect, suspended moments. In those precious minutes I just am. I exist and breathe and am part of the world.

Lake Powell, Arizona at Sunset

Something about watching the sunset is soothing and peaceful and spiritual. It’s as if the sun pulls you into the world, pulls you out of yourself and into existence. Watching a sunset alone I feel at one with nature, in harmony with the world around me. And in a different way, maybe a more powerful way, watching the sunset on a beach with other people—strangers or friends—makes me feel at one with all of them—like you’re all being pulled together into that moment, into the world, and connected through the shared experience. Not a word needs to be said, everyone is united in the silence, calm and peaceful and hushed and together.

Big Sur, California at Sunset (Lime Kiln)

Those are the moments where life should be lived and ultimately it’s in those suspended moments where life is. The most memorable moments of my life are the ones where time stood still.

When people say their life flashed before their eyes, maybe that’s what they mean—that time stopped and they felt/saw/experienced everything—a whole lifetime—in that moment.

The top of Sandia Peak in Albuquerque at Sunset

Just after I met Pearson, I saw him again in the hall of our dorm and I called him Pierce, he corrected me and time stopped. I swear that I felt our whole life in that moment or maybe I felt a whole previous life we shared, but either way it was profound and 15 years later I still remember that instant and that feeling.

So maybe in those meaningful moments you really can tap into our collective consciousness—where all is connected. And there you can live where everything is shared on a true and meaningful level, if only for a fleeting minute.

Adirondack high peaks at sunset

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