Ice Castle

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Ice Castle at Night with Multi colored lights

I was looking for different things to do in outside in the winter and came across an Ice Castle at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. The Ice Castle was originally created in a backyard in Utah and has now has expanded to four locations. The pictures online looked really cool so one afternoon Pearson and I took the hour drive up to Stratton to check it out.

The ice castle was interesting and kids were having a ball on an ice slide, but it was somewhat underwhelming in daylight–many of the ice sculptures at the back, which were probably really neat, were roped off and covered with snow.


Entering the Ice CastleClose to the IceLooking Up at IceIcicles 01Inside the Ice CastleThe Ice Castle at SunsetIcicles 06

But when darkness fell and the multicolored lights illuminated the ice it was a much more visually impressive place.

The Ice Castle at DuskIcicles in the LightIcicles and SkyIce Castle in MoonlightLooking through IceIcicles 02Blue IciclesIce Castle Lit Up at NightLooking out of the Ice CastleInto the IceThrough the IciclesIce Castle in the DarkIcicles 03Cold Bright LightIcicles from BelowIcicles 04Icicles in the LightIcicles 05

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