Just Forex Client Agreement

8.2. If the introducing broker does not acquire new clients within seven months or if existing clients do not carry out commercial transactions within this period, the introducing broker`s account will be blocked and commissions will no longer be paid. The introducing broker`s account can only be unblocked within five months following a personal request from the introducing broker on the grounds that the partner account must be unblocked. 5.10. If, within a full period of three calendar months, the clients of the introducing broker do not carry out commercial transactions, the commissions are blocked until a new active client is added to the partnership group. Clause 4.9 provides for margin requirements. In order to avoid a forced closure of the user`s position, the margin level of the open position should be compulsorily maintained in accordance with the trading conditions. The broker may, at its discretion, change the amount of leverage of credit leverage for individual clients. 1.4.3. Send an application for registration as an introducing broker (indicating the ECN that has just been opened. MT4 account number) from your email address used for client firm registration to the email address partners@gkfxecn.com. To change the leverage of the Justforex MT4 account, please log in to the JustForex customer portal and then proceed to the “Leverage” section as below.

Some traders criticize the justforex consultant. The product is not quite successful for trade. There is no information about this on the Internet. But always remember that software bots usually make money for their developers by selling their offspring to users. A significant portion of these mind products do not meet investors` expectations. The use of robots in practice is always linked to the ability to analyze the situation in the market. And the market is constantly evolving. It is impossible to predict everything and predict 100%. This results in a loss of money and even frequent easing of deposits. The use of a robot must always be linked to a strategy that has proven itself and must clearly comply with the unshakable laws of commerce – compliance with the rules of money management and lack of excitement. Some JustForex users notice pressure from company executives and analysts who are asking them to increase deposits.

Unfortunately, similar cases are not only found at this broker. However, despite the existing shortcomings, JustForex has the following advantages: traders` transactions are carried out on the basis of the electronic communication platform (ECN) of the integral company, which aggregates the liquidity of different forex players. Of particular note is the liquidity provider Sucden Financial….

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