Free Massachusetts Residential Lease Agreement Form

DISCLOSURE OF SURETY DEPOSITS. The $_____ bond, which is underlined in this lease agreement, can be found in the following location: The Massachusetts Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template describes the real estate lease agreements in a document that acts as a binding contract for its participants. This effect is guaranteed by a signature of the participating landlords and tenants at the end of the document. The agreement itself is divided into twenty-seven sections. These sections describe the terms of the agreement that each party undertakes to respect for the duration of its duration. Some sections contain standard information and require little or no attention, while others require the entry of definitions. Refund of deposits: After the termination of the lease, the owners have thirty (30) days to return deposits, whether deductions have been made or not. If the landlord decides that deductions should be made from the deposit, he must provide the tenant with a written list of the damages, the costs of repairing the damage (work and equipment) as well as all receipts resulting from the repairs. Normal wear and tear cannot be considered as deterioration of the device.

Step 2 – Enter in section 2 the mailing address of the rented thing in the first line and the postal code of the rental property in the second line. The Massachusetts sublease agreement allows a tenant (the subtenant) to lease land that they are currently leasing to another person (the “subtenant”). This agreement can be for the partial or full rental of the space. The subtenant must understand that he is responsible for any subtenant who does not respect the rules of the rental agreement. For example, damage to the premises or non-payment of rent by the subtenant.

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