Aws Manage Agreements

AWS Artifact Organization Agreements simplifies agreement management for multiple AWS accounts because you can accept a single agreement on behalf of all accounts in your organization. If an authorized user of a master account accepts an organization contract, all existing and future member accounts will automatically be covered by the terms of the agreement. If accepted, AWS Artifact Organization Agreements (under the Organization Agreements tab) applies to all accounts of an organization created through AWS Organizations, including the main account of the organization and all member accounts. Only the master account in an organization can accept agreements in AWS artifact organization agreements. 18.1. The use of Services in AWS GovCloud regions (U.S.) is subject to the Terms of Use of AWS GovCloud (US) which are available via AWS Artifact in the AWS GovCloud (US) management console. Your administrator account has all the necessary permissions for the use of AWS Artifact, but for different documents and agreements, you must delegate different permissions to different users. You can delegate privileges using IAM guidelines. In the tables below, in the AWS Artifact user guide, you`ll find permissions you can assign to IAM users based on the level of access required. Important: The IAM user connected to the AWS console must have the right to have access to organizations:DescribeOrganization to allow AWS Artifact to obtain information about your account`s organization agreements. A full list of Artifact AWS permissions under Access Control and General Policies can be found in the AWS Artifact user guide.

No no. In AWS Artifact Organization Agreements, you can only accept agreements on behalf of all accounts within the organization. Principal account administrators should notify member accounts before these accounts are removed from the organization, so that member accounts can, if necessary, create new account agreements. Before leaving an organization, members` account holders should decide (if necessary, with the help of legal, data protection or compliance teams) whether new agreements should be entered into.

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